Small batch beer brewing Solution

Small batch beer brewing solution
Let’s face it - Small batch beer brewing sometimes craft batches that just aren’t drinkable, especially when they’re new to brewing or using new equipment or ingredients. So here is Hermann's small batch beer brewing system for avoiding the same problem in your next batch.
Pro Inspiration for the Home Brewer

When designing the perfect homebrew rig, we took inspiration from some of the best and most sought after pro features our team has been engineering into our larger brewhouses. From the pump architecture to the newly patented control system, can unlock the full potential of your Hermann brewing equipment.

Easy installation, use & maintenance

Hermann's small batch beer brewing system reduces your brewing footprint, easy to use, the entire process is streamlined with the it and the full system comes brew-ready right out of the box. Controller makes the system quick to set up and simple to operate. And fewer components means less to clean, freeing up even more time in your day!

It’s built to last, we source the highest quality materials and components – many of them are used in our other systems. You can count on your system being built with the high standards you’ve come to expect from Hermann and can be confident that it will work time and time again on brew day.

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