Beer Tunnel Pasteurizer

Beer Tunnel Pasteurizer
Beer Tunnel Pasteurizer

Beer Tunnel Pasteurizer is custom-built for easy integration into your manufacturing process. They are large chambers or cabinets made of stainless steel, coming in a range of sizes and dimensions with technical specifications to suit the particular type of food or beverage they’re designed to treat. Businesses that package consumable products in glass jars, bottles, or cans use tunnel pasteurization to increase product safety and prolong shelf life. Beer tunnel Pasteurizers from us are custom-built to fit the needs of our clients. From building, designing, or installing beer tunnel pasteurizers for small and large companies, our machines are built with durability, reliability and high hygiene standards.

  • Best design and construction quality in beer pasteurization equipment
  • Wide experiences in many different products and application
  • Reliability and strong construction
  • Automation and control function
  • Plant customization and configuration to fulfill all possible customer requests
  • Pilot plant for product testing and simulation to achieve correct cycle on each different and non standard product
  • From 1000 CPH up to 60000 CPH (depending on product, cycle and container)
Model PA-1000 PA-2000 PA-6000
Bottle size Height: 150~300mm, Diameter: Ø 50~Ø 85mm Height: 150~300mm, Diameter: Ø 50~Ø 85mm Height: 150~300mm, Diameter: Ø 50~Ø 85mm
Capacity 1000BPH 2000BPH 6000BPH
Conveyor belt width 1700mm
Total power 27.8kw
Centrifugal pump power (8 sets) 1.1*6+2.2*2=11kw 2.2*2+1.5*6=13.4kw 2.2*6+3*2=19.2kw
Weight 4500kg 6500kg
Overall size 11160×1880×1720mm 14000×2200×2600mm
Models & Specs
Item Production capacity Volume in US Gallon Heating area Tank diameter  Height
BS-500 500L/day 132 US Gallon 0.5m2 1160mm 2400mm
BS-600 600L/day 158 US Gallon 0.6m2 1160mm 2500mm
BS-700 700L/day 185 US Gallon 0.7m2 1260mm 2500mm
BS-800 800L/day 212 US Gallon 0.8m2 1260mm 2500mm
BS-1000 1000L/day 264 US Gallon 1.0m2 1360mm 2800mm
BS-1500 1500L/day 396 US Gallon 1.5m2 1560mm 2900mm
BS-2000 2000L/day 528 US Gallon 2.0m2 1960mm 3150mm
BS-2500 2500L/day 660 US Gallon 2.5m2 1960mm 3200mm
BS-3000 3000L/day 792 US Gallon 3.0m2 2060mm 3800mm
BS-5000 5000L/day 1320 US Gallon 5.0m2 2260mm 4400mm
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